an evolution in automation technology

CNC routers built with you in mind. Handmade in the U.S. and offering more standard features and build quality than competing machines. All at an affordable starting price.

  • Automatic Tool Change...Standard.

    Allows you to change tools on your machine in seconds rather than minutes, with no operator intervention. This means entirely automated production for even the most complicated parts.

  • Welded Steel Frame

    Fabricated in-house and then machined as a single weldment. This ensures the utmost accuracy for mounting all precision motion components.

  • Brushless Servo Motion Control

    Provides reliability, speed, and accuracy in all machine motion.  The are the worry-free, maintenance-free standard for today's advanced motion control systems.

  • High Precision Ball Screw Drives 

    Provides robust, high accuracy linear movement on all axes, that will ensure years of reliable service.

Giving you more material cutting options

Starting at $25,000

Our machines come standard with features that most companies charge extra for. The value in our machines is unmatched.
Let us prove it.

Producing custom CNC machining equipment since 2009

BC automation is an innovative design and manufacturing firm based out of Hendersonville, TN. Our focus is to provide a reliable and highly capable CNC router platform that is accessible to any manufacturer.

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